File Upload Portal

Notes about file uploading to DrSnip:

Once you have completed your Patient Registration Forms, please follow the instructions below to securely submit them to us:

  1. Complete the required fields below.
  2. Select and drag your files together, or Browse and Choose each file to add to the upload list. Please note you cannot upload a folder of files.
  3. Click the Upload button to safely send all of your forms to us. The files will be protected by encryption during transmission, ensuring the security of your personal information.
  4. In the Question or Comment field, write any message you wish to include with your forms. This message will not be encrypted during transmission.
  5. As each file is sent successfully, it will be labeled “Uploaded”.
  6. If you indicated on your forms that an email from is OK to send to you and is not blocked by your spam filters, expect an email from our staff the next office day confirming receipt of your forms. Otherwise, we will telephone you to confirm receipt.