Testing Schedule

DrSnip.com buttonWe provide semen testing only for DrSnip patients. There is no charge. You do not need an appointment. Please use the form you received from us, or print the Test Request Form and follow the instructions.

Vasectomy Test Instructions

test request form

Test Request Form

  1. Wait for at least six weeks and at least 15 ejaculations after vasectomy. If this is a REPEAT test, check the box on the form, and wait until after the due date, if indicated.
  2. Check the Testing Schedule calendar below, or call the clinic for a schedule of dates and hours available for testing.
  3. Collect semen specimen into a clean plastic cup or glass jar with a tightly sealed lid (no condoms).
  4. Write your name on the container.
  5. Place container in a clean paper or plastic bag. Complete the Test Request Form and place it in the bag.
  6. Write your name on the bag.
  7. Deliver to the clinic only during scheduled testing. Specimen may be collected up to 24 hours in advance. Refrigerate if held overnight. Specimen cannot be accepted for testing without the completed Test Request Form and your name written on the container.
  8. We will call you or email your test results the same day, and mail or email a final report or instructions for repeat testing if required.