COVID-19 Notice

We are here to serve you during these exceptional times. Please call us if you have any general or specific questions about vasectomy or to schedule an appointment. For patients who have already had their vasectomy, please refer to our Semen Testing page to see our current schedule.

For patients with a scheduled appointment, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms within 14 days of your procedure, or depending on your recent travel experiences, we may have to reschedule your appointment. Please call us to discuss. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, a new loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Please note that we will waive all cancellation fees at this time. We can also check or recheck your insurance benefits in anticipation of a later appointment date.

Please be assured that we are keeping tabs on the spread of COVID-19. This includes screening our staff for symptoms. Once we resume our normal operations, we will maintain the “social distancing” practices that we have already implemented to protect our patients from the COVID-19 virus while visiting our clinic. These practices were implemented after consultation with our colleagues and in keeping with recommendations from the CDC. Please note the following procedures, which are evolving and may change prior to your visit.

When Visiting DrSnip for Your Appointment:

  • During this time, we are seeing one patient at a time by appointment. This minimizes social contact between patients in the clinic. We will also ask that you wait in your car prior to entering our Reception Room to help maintain social distancing.  You are asked to wear a mask if you have one, otherwise we will give you one that you will wear throughout your visit to protect you, other patients, and our personnel.
  • We ask that you not enter the clinic if you have developed a fever or a cough or symptoms similar to COVID-19 or have had exposure to persons suspected of having COVID-19 or its symptoms. Please stay home and call us to reschedule your appointment, for the protection of all people in our clinic environment and our ability to serve other patients.
  • If you have a serious chronic health condition, please reschedule your appointment to protect yourself. Examples of serious conditions are lung disease, heart disease, severe obesity, diabetes, and immunodeficiency. People with these conditions are cautioned to pay special attention to social distancing and to avoid unnecessary exposure to the public.
  • When you arrive in your car, we ask that you call us from your cell phone at 206.525.4090 to check in with our receptionist. We will tell you when we are ready for you to come into the clinic. When you enter the clinic, you should be alone. Please have your driver and family members wait in the car or occupy themselves during your visit.  Laurelhurst Playfield is nearby, where they can take a walk or play outdoors. Ask that they be ready to pick you up in one hour or when you call them.
  • If, despite our recommendations, it is important to you to have your partner accompany you, she will be allowed to come into the procedure room and remain with you throughout your visit. Other people must wait outside in the car. For example, if you bring your wife so she can be with you during the procedure, and also the children, please bring another adult to stay with the children in the car.
  • At DrSnip we strive to be good citizens and guardians of public health. These policies are temporary. We are monitoring events as they occur, and we will change our response as needed, while we focus on serving our patients and doing what is best for our community.


The DrSnip Team